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A Healthy Balance Podcast

Sep 7, 2019

Kate and Alicia are live in Madison gearing up for 140.6 miles of swim, bike and run. Catch up on their plans and hear tips for preparing for a big race in the final few days and hours. 

Sep 2, 2019

Are you planning to head out to watch your favorite endurance athlete compete in an ironman tri? Hear from our special guests, spectating experts, Adam and Kathleen on how to best prepare and execute a smooth ironman spectating day. They'll dive into what to pack, how to plan and other great tips. Kate and Alicia also...

Aug 19, 2019

With less than one month until Ironman Wisconsin, Kate and Alicia talk about how to avoid common mistakes and missteps in training during the last few weeks before your race, as well as how to stay motivated and focused when your body is tired, challenged and you JUST want it to be race day already. 

Aug 5, 2019

We weren't lying! We finally had our favorite Dietitian Andrea back on to help us simplify race day nutrition, give us some guidance on the days leading up to the race, and of course explain the importance of post race ice cream! 

Jul 24, 2019

It's summer and we are training for an Ironman, which means lots of training and lots of training in the heat. Tune in this week to hear tips from Kate and Alicia on how to manage higher volume and higher intensity weeks when the New England summer brings the heat and humidity.